With a desire to make sense of the world, I look for inward significance and I push away constructs that feel unhelpful.

Nicole Wassall

Investigating themes from multiple angles, with artistic, scientific, spiritual, contemporary to mythological sources, reveals alternative perspectives. As a process it involves gathering, discarding and reconstructing; an act of de-cluttering and re-presenting. When successful the work looks simple and presents an opportunity to look again.

The ambition is to use how we process information to shine a revealing light; this is my medium. Studying an MA at Central Saint Martins I was more interested in exploring the tricks our brain plays on us, and the potential of how these shape our understanding of the world, than I was critically engaged in one medium. This evolved into applying insights from neuroscience and psychology, underpinned with intuition, into an increasingly multidisciplinary practice.

In keeping with this I use traditional media and alter everyday or found objects, embedding them with the concerns of humanity. And whilst it is essential that the work is well executed, there is an implicit significance in evidence of the human touch, as I am concerned with the human condition.

The conservation of my work, from an artistic and environmental perspective, lends itself to using ‘traditional’ techniques in contemporary ways. Experimenting with the idea of blowing the dust off I re-imagine a medium to serve the idea of ‘looking again’. For example, water gilding icon boards that are process art, metal stamping that is a ruse for a social experiment and a video story and poetry that has no beginning or end.

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Instagram: nicole_wassall

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